Sunday School


St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church


5050 Harrison Street
Omaha, NE 68157-2247
Telephone: (402) 731-5583

Kolo Srpski Sestara
“Sveta Petka of Omaha”

Our History


 When the initial Serbian colony settled in Omaha in the early 1900’s, there was a great need for a ladies organization to carry on the Orthodox faith. It was important to foster its history and traditions while working toward the progress of the church in its teachings. On May 15, 1928, after a four-day house-to-house membership drive in Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa, 84 members were enrolled to begin the Circle of Serbian Sisters “SVETA PETKA.”

The purpose of the Kolo organization is to materially and morally support the church and church school. It also encourages goodwill and fellowship, and concentrates its efforts in working toward the future of the church.

The Kolo continues to financially donate to the church on a regular basis as it has since the first year of their existence. They also have prepared numerous meals for all church events. They have an enviable reputation for excellent food and hospitality, not only within the church circle, but in the community.

During these very busy times, the ladies continue to keep togetherness in their homes by teaching, sharing and observing their Orthodox faith and all religious holidays.

The Kolo is grateful to have played an important role in the life of the church for the last 89 years. They look forward to sharing many more years in the future!